73-year-old named one of Austin's Fittest proving age is just a number

73-year-old Judy Cole was recently named by Austin Fit Magazine as one of its Austn's Fittest and she continues to prove that age is just a number.

Cole is an inspiration to many especially to those who see her daily during her workouts at LifeTime Fitness. She says she prides herself on always being up for a challenge.

A retired nurse, Cole started running in her 30s.

"I remember running my first five miles. I thought I had conquered the running world. Five miles was forever," Cole says.

It didn't take Cole to fall in love with the sport and begin to push herself to the limits.

"The furthest I have ever run was 62 miles and that was a challenge. I did it," Cole says.

But Cole's limits didn't stop there. She decided that with the help of her trainer, Torrey Prather, she wanted to compete in Austin Fit Magazin's Austin Fittest annual competition that determines the most well rounded athletes in the city.

"We started training three months out last year for the Austin Fit games. I was so excited," Cole says.

Cole's desire to challenge herself paid off yet again and at 72 she was the oldest women to be name one of 2018's Austin Fittest which is no surprise to Prather.

Prather says Cole has been able to adapt and do anything he throws at her. He says that for her age and what she can do physically, Cole is on her own level.

Cole says her mindset is that she's not competing against other people and that she's just competing with herself. She says it doesn't matter what others are doing. It's a mindset that's gotten her to the fitness level she's at now at the age of 73.

With her fiery passion, Cole says her hope is to see more older people getting active.

"You have to believe in yourself. You have to do whatever it takes. You go over those hills, over those mountains. It's not going to be easy. It's going to be sore," Cole says.

"You're not gonna wanna go back but once you've crossed that finish line you've done it and you're going to love your life," Cole adds.