A blast from the past makes a comeback in Buda

Do you remember your first drive-in theater experience?

A new drive-in movie theater held its grand opening Friday night in Hays County. Owner of Doc's Drive In Theater said they're hoping to give the younger audience the same experience they shared under the stars, while soaking in the '50s vibes.

"If they build it they will come," said Chris Denny. 

The Denny family has been working for two years and their dream of opening Doc's Drive In Theatre on the east side of Buda has finally happened. "We are trying to create an old school environment where you can get away from the technology a little bit and enjoy some time and socialize with friend and family," said Chris Denny owner of Doc's Drive In Theatre.

He said he hopes to provide a place to disconnect and enjoy the experience of going to a movie with family or friends. "It's fun to actually talk with somebody and when it's quiet and you're sitting there it can get awkward. But if you can sit there and actually socialize build relationship," said Denny. 

He discovered a drive-in near his home when he was a teenager, and says he enjoyed going with a group of people. "My friend had his license and we would go out to the drive-in theater and that's how we would spend time. And that's one of my happy memories about it. We want to share some of those happy memories with everybody else," said Denny. 

The lot has space for 43 cars at each screen, which are made from stacked shipping containers covered with metal sheeting and screen paint. 

Along with catching an old school flick you can pick up some of your movie favorites from the concession stand. Denny said in the next couple months, he plans to open three movie-themed tiny homes on the property for people to rent overnight.

As well as an underground speakeasy bar between the two screens.

Tickets are sold online or you can just drive in and purchase.