Activists push for favorable laws for the poor, minorities in 2019 session

There were some tense moments at the Capitol, during the Millions March Texas event.

Each year advocates, come together to demand lawmakers pass favorable legislation for the poor and minorities in the state.

Owen Shroyer, a reporter with InfoWars, showed up unexpectedly, which did not make the group happy.

“They have a ten point plan here. I just asked if the border was any part of that plan and that's when they started chanting at me and now these two are following me around,” said Shroyer.

“It was an Austin Justice Coalition event and speakers were speaking to our people who showed up for our event and he interrupted our event. It is on public property but when we asked him to please let our group continue with our event he continued to interrupt,” said Glenda McKinney, a marcher.

The group started at city hall, marching 12 blocks to the Capitol. They were small in number but large in confidence.

“All in all if you have two or three people seriously going to the Capitol and are ready to talk to lawmakers that's all that matters,” said Moore.

Activists hope to see funding for more public schools in need, decriminalizing marijuana possession, and possibly making recreational use legal.

“I know that's going to be an uphill battle but at least if we can't get that, we need to decriminalize it so we make sure people are not going to jail for low level marijuana possession,” said Moore.

“I should be able to choose to medicate my daughter with a plant instead of a pill, yeah I think we should go straight to rec. I think it should be regulated,” said Annie Epley, with Queens of Cannabis.

The group walked into the Capitol, to meet their lawmakers face to face. They say the first leg day means... It's time to get busy....and they're hoping 2019 can be a year for the books.