Apartment complex without gas for more than a month deemed unlivable

For those at the Mt. Carmel Village Apartments, they've gone since February without gas.

"Why aren't we approaching this as the catastrophe that it is," said Austin resident Victor Reed. 

The loss came after the winter storm. Now, more than a month later, residents are still finding ways to get by day by day, including disposable shower units sitting on the outside of the property Tuesday.


"It's a concern of sadness," Reed said. 

Just recently, a new problem at the complex surfaced after a water line broke as crews were trying to restore the gas leak.
Management is now telling residents that the complex is unlivable, and they must move out. 

"You're talking about 300-400 people, including kids," said Reed. "Where are they gonna go, man?"


The apartment complex is offering vouchers to residents to nearby hotels, but Reed, who has grown up in Austin, specifically east Austin, and having family lived in these apartments, said this is unacceptable. "It comes down to integrity, it comes down to what's right," he said. 

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He added that this ties into a larger issue, since just weeks ago there were distribution sites for those without water and struggling from the storm. He asks now: "Where is that same help?"

"Come out here and do something bro, make sure these people are taken care of," Reed said. 

In a Facebook live on Friday, Mayor Pro Tem and Austin City Council District 1 Representative Natasha Harper-Madison said she is aware of the situation at the complex and is working to get this situation restored as soon as possible.

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"This is an incredibly unfortunate disruption and is one I hope is resolved as soon as possible," Harper-Madison said. 

FOX 7 Austin has reached out to the Mt. Carmel Village Apartments for comment and did not hear back.