APD: Drug deal became fatal attempted robbery

The car where police say they found a man with gunshot wounds came to a stop against a palm tree. He was slumped over the steering wheel, barely alive.

"This is the first time we've seen something like this," said John Campos. Campos works at a business across the street from where the shooting took place early Friday morning.

For him; the scene was chaotic and heartbreaking. "Last night we heard gun shots, later on seen the ambulance come by and the cop trying to do compressions on a man on the ground," said Campos.

The man died of his wounds and is identified as Joseph Anthony Aguilar Campos.

Investigators say Aguilar Campos was shot while trying to rob another person during a drug deal.

The shooting could be ruled as self-defense, according to APD Homicide Sgt. Tracy Gerrish. "It is possible; we will have to have DA review the video we obtained."

When the shots were fired, the two patrol officers who were first on the scene were not far away. They were just up the road at the intersection of Braker Lane and Lamar. "The officers were following up a report on a previous call when they heard gunshots, the officers exited their vehicle and realized the gun shots came from north of their location, said APD Spokesperson Bino Cadenas.  

The shooting happened in front of this retail center just south of Walnut Creek Park.

Investigators say the gun battle was witnessed by several people inside a hookah lounge and a game room for card playing. "My understanding was at least one of them was inside of the game room but I think they were actually there to have this transaction," said Sgt. Gerrish.

Investigators say many of those involved in the gun fight and robbery knew each other, some are family members. FOX 7 was also told the car that Aguilar Campos was found in, belonged to the person he was trying to rob. Several weapons were inside the car those guns, like the vehicle, are now being processed at APD's forensics lab.



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