Arrest made after student wounded with dart at Lehman High School

A 16-year-old has been arrested after wounding another student with a dart at Lehman High School on April 15.

Officials with Hays Consolidated Independent School District say that the arrested student was taken into custody and will not be allowed back on campus.

The student who was wounded will be okay. Officials say the injury did not require school staff to call an ambulance.

In an unrelated incident that also occured on April 15, Lehman Principal Denisha Presley said in a letter to parents that they investigated a rumor of a gun threat against Lehman that was circulating on social media.

Officials determined there was not threat to Lehman and discovered the rumor actually involved a different high school that's not in Hays County. They contacted the high school so it may conduct its own investigation.

The full letter from Principal Presley that was sent to parents is as follows: