Austin Disaster Relief Network collecting relief supplies for Hurricane Dorian victims

The Austin Disaster Relief Network is collecting relief supplies for those affected by Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas on the east coast of the United States.

The items collected will either be shipped by truck, boat or plane to impacted areas.

ADRN is also collecting funds for the immediate needs of survivors.

Those who wish to donate are asked to assemble care kits. The following is a list of items needed for the kits:

•       Towel (if family kit, purchase 4)
•       Washcloth (if family kit, purchase 4)
•       Soap
•       Tissue
•       Toothbrush (If family kit, purchase 4)
•       Toothpaste
•       Deodorant (If family kit, purchase 4)
•       Feminine Products (family or female version only)
•       Shampoo
•       Comb (if family kit, purchase 4)
•       Blanket (if family kit, purchase 4)
•       Pillow (as many as you can fit in if it is a family kit)
•       Wipes
•       Baby Bottles/Formula (with baby version only)
•       Diapers (with baby version only)
•       Baby Food (with baby version only)
•       A note of encouragement for the family or individual

To assemble the kits, ADRN has the following instructions:

1.      Determine if you want to build a Family Care Kit, Family Care Kit with Baby, Individual Male Care Kit and/or Individual Female Care Kit. Go shopping! 
2.      Purchase a sturdy plastic container with a lid so we can easily stack them for shipping.
3.      Fill the container with listed items above.
4.      Place a 12” strip of grey duck-tape on the top of your container to label (duck-tape is preferred). Using a Sharpie indicate if the kit is a Family Care Kit, a Family with Baby Care Kit, an Individual Male Care Kit, or an Individual Female Care Kit.
5.      Drop your Care Kit(s) off at Hope Family Thrift Store, 1122 East 51st Street, Austin, 78723 (Monday-Saturday, 10AM-5PM, Closed on Sunday)

ADRN is also accepting donations of buckets, mops, fans and inflatable mattresses.

Officials with ADRN note that clothing is not needed and that clothing will be donated to the Hope Family Thrift Store.

For more information or to donate money you can go here.