Austin mother looking for answers after son shot by Muskogee Police

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Victim Terence Walker's mother Cassandra still lives here in Austin.

"He was just...a calm, sweet young man," Walker said.

Cassandra Walker says her 21-year-old son Terence Walker Jr. played football for the LBJ Jaguars and graduated in 2012. Since then, he's been going to college in Muskogee Oklahoma on an athletic scholarship. He recently decided he would move back home to Austin and work for a minor league football team.

But last Saturday, a Muskogee pastor called 911 when a young woman, reportedly Walker's girlfriend, went into a church saying Walker had a gun and intended to use it.

"They just told me he's outside...he has a gun. And he's threatening to kill her, he's outside right now," a Muskogee pastor said during a 911 call.

Muskogee Police say Walker complied with the officer at first but then tried to hit him and started to run.

Police say Walker dropped a silver semi-automatic handgun and tried to pick it up twice. That's when they say Walker pointed the gun at the officer who fired 5 rounds, killing him.

Cassandra says her son shouldn't have run...or even gone to the church in the first place to speak to his girlfriend. But she believes it was his cell phone he dropped. She also believes the officer could have reacted differently.

"Could it have been handled another way, could he have disabled him I mean? Why did he have to...could he have shot him in the leg or something? I think something could have been done better than the way it was done. Because it's too many of these things going on nowadays," she said.

Walker says she's been told what happened but she hasn't seen the video

"I can kind of visualize it but actually seeing it is something totally different. Which I don't....I don't...want to see it, I don't plan to see it," she said.

But her brother-in-law, a Houston attorney has. What he sees in the video is that his nephew's back is turned to the officer when the shots were fired.

"The judgment decision is what we train and pay our officers figure out...are you at risk? Is the public at risk? And if you're not, is there something else you should consider besides trying to fire 4 or 5, 6 or 7 shots at someone who is clearly running away," attorney Victor Walker said.

Cassandra says they're awaiting more information to evaluate the situation. She can't stop thinking about her son.

"I had a minister come the other night and pray and there's a scripture that says...Jeremiah 29:13, I know I have plans...plans for you, plans not to harm you but to prosper," Cassandra said. "Even though the plans I had for him were here...God has a better plan for him," she said.

In the detailed information released by Muskogee P.D. they anticipated people would ask why the last 2 or 3 shots looked like they were going into Walker's back.

They say Walker's rapid movements were critical in that and pointed out that all 5 of the officers rounds were fired in less than 1.3 seconds.