Austin New Years Eve celebration takes over Vic Mathias Shores

People are ringing in the new year in true Austin fashion with live music, food trucks and fireworks along Vic Mathias shores.

"I am definitely ready for 2016 to be over,"  said Cailin Cifra who was at the Austin event with her family Saturday.

And what better way to say goodbye to 2016 than to get together with friends and family and listen to some live music with a view of the Austin skyline?

"Tonight I'm looking forward to having a lot of fun, hear some bands," said Blake Anderson who was also at the celebration.

"We come any year that we can. As long as the weather's good, we're here, because we love it. We love starting the new year in our hometown and just the energy is amazing. People are just here to have a good time and let go of all the bad stuff and have fun," said Kynna Sullivan who brought her friends and family to the park.

The 15 bands playing on three different stages during Austin's New Year's Eve celebration seem to be the highlight of the night.

Musicians said it's special for them to get to play one last big gig before turning the page on their calendars.

"Austin is so diverse culturally and so it's great to be able to provide something unique within the musical framework,"  said Shiv Naimpally who took the stage at Vic Mathias shores Saturday.

Listening to music was not the only fun thing to do during the event. Food trucks and activities are peppered throughout the park, but because this is an event geared towards families, no alcohol was allowed.
However, for those attending, it seems the price is right.

"Free is great because it brings in such a diverse group of people and so that's awesome," Sullivan said.

Many say they won't have a hard time saying so long to 2016.

"I think just even if you look at all the great musicians and actors and actresses who passed away, it wasn't the best last year certainly,"  Naimpally said.

"It was a rollercoaster. I think everybody kind of feels that way. There were a lot of ups and downs. I'm looking forward to starting a whole new year fresh, honestly," said Sullivan. 

And everyone is hoping 2017 is one for the record books.