Austin Police Association, City of Austin reach tentative contract deal

The City of Austin has reached a tentative contract deal with the Austin Police Association.

The Austin Police Association is expected to vote on the tentative contract deal soon.

If approved the contract deal will go before the Austin City Council for approval.

"I believe the outcome of the negotiations has resulted in a fair deal that balances the priorities of our community, our police officers and our City leaders,” said Austin City Manager Spencer Cronk.

The City of Austin and the Austin Police Association failed to reach an agreement on contract negotiations back in December of 2017. Since then, the police department has been operating under "civil service law" affecting things like officer pay and accountability. For example, a citizen panel that oversees the Austin Police Department's conduct was suspended.



Without the contract, specialty pay also went out the window. Officers with added compensation for special skills or overnight shifts no longer saw that money on their paychecks.