Austin police officers finalize contract negotations

After nearly an entire year without a contract Austin police officers are one step closer to finalizing negotiations. The Austin Police Association has approved the "Meet and Confer" agreement proposed by the City of Austin.

The City Council will take a final vote before it becomes final.

It wasn't exactly certain that the police union membership was going to approve the contract which is nearly half of what they asked for last time but a little before 9 a.m. this morning it was given the green light.

Last December, City Council rejected a proposed a $82 million contract. The union walked away and later resumed negotiations.

Last week the union tentatively agreed to a $44 million deal. Officers would get a 1% raise the first year of the contract, 2% for years two, three and four.

Council members who support the "Meet and Confer" agreement celebrated what they call the most forward thinking contract in the state and the highest paid officers in the state.

The next step is for City Council to give final approval of the contract which Austin City Manager Spencer Cronk is recommending they do.