CMT Awards hosted in Austin with events in Downtown taking place all weekend

The Country Music Television Awards are Sunday, April 2 at the Moody Center, but there are events leading up to it, giving fans a preview.

On Wednesday, March 29, there was an outdoor stage with big names like Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood. Some visitors to Austin came across a pleasant surprise when they saw them doing a soundcheck.

"We went into this restaurant right here, and then Carrie Underwood came out, and we were like, 'this is our day!' Then Keith Urban came out, I've seen him three times, we were amazed," Peggy Duncan said.

With all the excitement, however, comes road closures: Congress Ave. is closed from 8th to 11th Street; 10th Street from Colorado to Brazos; Colorado from 9th to 10th; and 9th from Colorado to Brazos until Monday at 6 a.m.

You can view the road closures map below:

"I wanted to be here for the show, but with the parking, I couldn't really drive today, so I couldn't go pick up the wristband from Barton Creek Mall, and they wouldn't give me one here, so I'm not going," Farah Mavrakis, who works downtown, said.

Capitol Cafe, right on Congress and 10th, says the road closures aren't so much of an issue since they get plenty of foot traffic.

"Being on the corner, we never thought this was going to be a thing for us, having Carrie Underwood performing right here has been absolutely incredible," operating partner Brianna Huberty said. "I think that it's something that could really grow into this beautiful and wonderful thing for so many businesses down here."

Parking garages in areas where roads are closed will be open and accessible to those who need to get to them.

Even with the challenges, there's a silver lining for those who work downtown.

"It's okay, because they've been rehearsing all day, and I work right there, so my office had a great view, so I feel like I've already seen the show," Mavrakis said.

There will be more events in the coming days, some require registration, but others are open to the public.