Austin's new city government to be sworn in Tuesday

Austin's new city government will be sworn into office Tuesday night.

Ten new council members will join Mayor-elect Steve Adler at the ceremony.

These eleven council members make up the city's new 10-1 districting map. All except one are newcomers to the council including Representative Sabino Renteria.

He ran against his sister in the District Three race beating her with almost 60 percent of the vote.

District Three makes up east and a small part of south Austin, an area that is becoming more gentrified. Property taxes are going up there and Renteria is concerned that folks in the neighborhood are getting pushed out.

Years ago, as part of his neighborhood planning committee, Renteria lobbied for homeowners to be able to build second units on their property so they could get some extra income and pay for those increasing taxes.

He's looking for other ways to keep up with the changing landscape while keeping it diverse and affordable which is the platform that he ran on.