Authorities call off search for missing Minnesota man, after finding a body

Two days after 25-year-old Chris White disappeared, a citizen called to report the body of a man floating in Lake Austin.

Authorities say the man is in his 20s. He has not yet been positively identified. 

“Based on the location where the body was found and the fact that we have this missing person, we are working this as if this could be the person we have missing,” said Kristen Dark, spokesperson for the Travis County Sheriff’s Office.

Friends say White, who lives in Minnesota, was in town for the Austin City Limits Music Festival. They say early Saturday morning while intoxicated, White said he was leaving the house to go to the dock, and they never saw him again.

“He walked out without shoes, phone, wallet, shirt possibly, so it's interesting he would wander without prep,” said Matt White, his brother.

We spoke to White's family Monday morning before the body was found. They appeared hopeful, saying he was no stranger to the woods.

“We grew up in Colorado so the woods and nature is not something we ever shied away from,” said Matt White.

Chris White's girlfriend said her boyfriend is smart and if lost, could find a way to safety. She was on a trip with friends, when she got the call, and flew into Austin immediately, along with White’s immediate family.

“It's a call you never want to get. It's a call you never think that you're going to get, but we're just staying hopeful,” said Olivia Wilson, White’s girlfriend.

The Travis County Sheriff's Office called off the search for Chris White after they located the body.  Investigators did let the family know, which was their worst fear.

“We offer our deep condolences to this family. This is a terribly tragic situation. No one ever comes to Austin City Limits expecting tragedy,” said Dark.

The medical examiner must complete an examination before releasing the identity of the body.