Bedford PD: Man burned trying to set store clerk on fire

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Bedford police want to find the man who tried to set a convenience store clerk on fire who possibly ended up burning himself.

Police say the robber walked into a Bedford store Thursday night, took money from the clerk and set the place on fire, pouring some kind of flammable liquid in the store and on the clerk.

"The guy got the money out of the register and got it from Harry,” Quick Track Manager Sharron Meeks.

Police say the man had a brown hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans. His only weapon appeared to be a bottle wrapped in a red rag and filled with what the store thinks was gasoline.

“Your heart sinks because you think how can someone be so cruel to not value life enough that they would do something like that to another human being?" said Meeks.

The video shows the man walk into the store. He poured the liquid on the counter and then went to the cash register where the clerk gave him money. The suspect then poured the liquid behind the counter and on the clerk.

"Wanted the money of the cash register, and he gave it to him, Meeks said.

It was a close call for the clerk. People with the company say the sprinkler system put out the fire and probably saved the clerk from being burned. Police believe the suspect slipped and fell as he ran out and may have burn injuries to his hands, arms and upper chest.

"You see robberies in this business a lot, but this is the worst thing I've ever seen,” Meeks said. “The scariest.”

The manager hopes the store will be back up and running in a week.