Burglary suspects caught on camera, give items back to victim

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Photo Couresy: Travis County Sheriff's Office

The Austin Police Department is searching for Donte Stone, 18, and Carl Walker, 53, in connection to breaking into a woman's East Austin home and stealing several guns.

According to court paperwork, Stone called the victim on Sunday and confessed to the crime, saying that he was afraid. He later returned several of the stolen items.

Stone and Walker are being held in the Travis County Jail on Burglary charges, a 2nd degree felony.

Stone's bond was set at $13,600 and Walker's bond was set at $18,000.

Two men broke into an East Austin home and stole several guns. Apparently guilt got the best of one of them.

The victims say thanks to a camera, they were able to identify one of the men, and even talked with one of the suspect's family in order to get their things back.

A housewarming gift turned into a crucial piece of evidence for Niki Acosta and her boyfriend. The gift was a surveillance camera. While they were gone, two suspects broke into their home.

“Immediately we went inside and  the place had been completely tossed, there was stuff everywhere,” Acosta, the victim’s girlfriend, said.

Among the items missing: a gun collection. The Nest camera video caught one of the burglars on camera. Acosta asked his face to be blurred. The next day, the suspect came forward to her and seemed remorseful.

“At 9 am the suspect in the video called me and said it's me in the video, ‘I'm scared to go anywhere because you have a reward out to find out who I am. I want to return your stuff and help you get back your other stuff that the thief took,’” Acosta said.

“His family came they live two doors down. They came outside, they apologized ,” she said.

The other suspect wasn't willing to surrender so easily.

“Unfortunately the other suspect who had most of the stuff that was stolen wasn't willing to cooperate,” Acosta said.

Acosta says the other man appears to be much older and could've taken the suspect under his wing. She is thankful the camera was inside.

“They're awesome, the fact we had this nest footage we knew when the crime happened, we had a clear picture,” she said.

Neither suspect has turned themselves in. APD also has warrants out for both their arrests. Acosta hopes the young man can take a different path in life.

“I'm hoping he turns himself in hoping her continues to cooperate,” Acosta said.