Businesses prepare for ACL Crowd

It's the calm before the storm, just hours away from one of the biggest music festivals. ACL draws in thousands of people from across the world. Many businesses nearby the festival are also bracing for the big turnout.

“We've been here for 11 years so we're not new to the ACL scene,” said Cory Miers the director of operations for Uncle Billy's.

In just a few hours, music and people will be filling the streets by Uncle Billy's which is a short walk from ACL.

“Both sides of the street are completely full all the way through ACL with people coming up and down,” said Miers. With the crowd comes profit. “it is our biggest weekend for sales throughout the year,” he said.

Preparing for ACL weekend isn't a walk in the park, Miers said they start preparing about six months in advance.

“There's staffing stuff, there's training, there’s building up of supplies, marketing and new menus,” said Miers.

They aren't the only ones bracing for a big turnout.

“When it went to two weekends it really helped out this business,” said Mark Mitchell the owner of Barton Springs bike rentals. They've been preparing rentals for ACL since the beginning of the year.

“We just saw one (rental reservation) that was made in January but sometimes they make them the day after ACL is over,” said Mitchell.

Not everyone passing by for the festival is respectful to the businesses. Both places said they always prepare in case things get out of hand.

“It happens about every year but we absorb that cost. We think it's a part of doing business, unfortunately,” said Mitchell.

“The city does a really great job with TABC, code enforcement, and the police force out and monitoring people,” said Miers

Whether you've been to ACL several times or this is your first, there are some changes to keep in mind.

“This year bags are restricted to small single pocket bags,” said Brooke Leal the ACL spokesperson.

All bags will be inspected at each entrance. There is also another change when it comes to what you can't bring in.

“Liquids will not be allowed through the gates this year. People are encouraged to empty reusable water bottles,” said Leal.

ACL begins this weekend and ends next weekend. If you are going, the festival changed drop off locations from previous years and set up zones where you can park e-scooters and bikes.