Businesses reopen in Georgetown after gas leak

The sound of children at play has returned to the Leaps and Bounds Learning Center in Georgetown.

Monday was the first time in nearly a month that these doors were open for business.

"We are definitely happy to be back in our own spot and doing our own thing and the parents were very excited too," Leaps and Bounds owner Kristen Hood said.

Despite that, Hood is staying alert because along with her clients, Atmos Energy crews returned Monday to take ground samples around her property.   

"On my camera I heard them say, we just want to make sure the gas doesn't come back," Hood said. "I know that's they don't want the gas to come back either of course, which no one does, I just don't wanna get that knock on the door again."

Next door, those living in Annette Robinson's home care center are also adjusting to being back home. Robinson said the residents are happy, but with the evacuation zone less than a block away, she is very much aware the crisis is not over.   

"I am worried [I'll get another knock at the door]," Robinson said. "I see them going around testing, they're here right now testing in the back and I ask them every day are you still getting zero readings because it's too hard to up and move with them in hospital beds."

At one point 140 businesses and homes were evacuated because gas pockets from a major leak had formed in the ground. On Monday morning, the evacuation number was holding at 122.

On Tuesday night, the Georgetown city council is expected to take some action. A proposal will be considered to waive the sign permit fees for businesses that return. Meanwhile, the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce is also working on its own relief plan.

"Once these businesses get all up and open we are going to provide an event that's going to take place that will really remind people about these businesses along Williams Drive," Jim Johnson, president of the Chamber, said.

A webpage dedicated to the Williams Drive gas leak was launched over the weekend. More than 70 businesses are listed on the page, which provides contact information for customers. According to the page, the list shows the businesses that were evacuated along with the status and will be updated regularly as new information is released.

"Getting some great activity the big thing for us is making sure we keep it up-to-date," Johnson said. "As businesses change their status maybe they're moving from a different temporary location or they get back up there into their facility, we still want those updates so we can put that information out there, and let the community know they're back in business."

Any Williams Drive business that wishes to be on the list or wants to share an update can email Johnson at

But for many, closed signs remain posted on their doors.