Carver Museum in East Austin hosts virtual Juneteenth celebration

COVID-19 was not enough to stop this year's Juneteenth celebrations at the Carver Museum, but it was enough to alter it.

"Trying to keep social distancing so this year we decided to do a virtual Juneteenth celebration titled 'Stay Black and Live'," museum curator Carre Adams said.


Going partly digital, Adams says they chose to stream most of their celebration this year as a good way to keep people informed on American history as well as prevent the spread of COVID-19. One good thing about this option, according to Adams, is anyone, not just those in Central Texas, can see it.

"I think we are going to definitely have a Texas-wide audience and I think we are going to get some hits on the east coast and west coast as well," Adams said. "Juneteenth was born in Texas it's like the 4th of July for African-Americans in a lot of respect."

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With today's climate following the unrest in the death of George Floyd, Adams says informing people about Juneteenth is key as he feels more people are paying attention. "It's a time to educate and it's a time to really figure out what is the real work as an organization and a museum and also a cultural center," he said.

"I'm hopeful just in the last three weeks the world has changed, people's eyes have opened and I think we are going to a new part of history," said Austin resident Mackette Johns.

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While the celebration was online, it was pretty busy at the museum, with people picking up food and enjoying the day. "I just want to say it's nice to see black communities smiling, it's been especially heavy these past two weeks so it's not to see some black joy and some happiness today," Johns said.

The Carver Museum offers a lot of history, especially when it comes to Juneteenth. Adams recommends those who are able to stop by and get informed no matter the day. "Black history is American history so anybody interested in history should come here and take a look at the historical exhibitions," he said.


The museum is open Monday through Saturday and has an entire exhibit dedicated to Juneteenth and the history it has here in Texas.