Cleanup begins after severe hail damage in Marble Falls

There was only one reported injury in Marble Falls, but a lot of damage after a hail storm.

Cleanup started in Marble Falls early Wednesday morning. All the windows were smashed on the west side of a church on Mormon Hill Road. There was also a lot of damage a block away in the Woodland Park subdivision.

Some of the hail that broke through a car and truck windows ended up in David Yturri's refrigerator. 

"That’s the biggest one," Yturri said, as he pulled out a chunk of ice the size of a tennis ball.

FOX 7 Austin received several images of the hail that fell Tuesday night.

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Damage reports came in from Marble Falls, Horseshow Bay and other parts of the Hill Country. The hail stones cut through outdoor awnings with ease.

Ray Riojas showed the damage that happened in his backyard.

"The first piece that I saw was almost equivalent to the size of a tennis ball and I thought, holy moly, I better get video. I was getting video on the back, and my wife said get away from the window," said Riojas.

A few seconds after his wife’s warning, the back window shattered.

"Luckily, it’s double pained. It freaked me out for a minute," said Riojas.

There was one reported injury with a person having a minor head injury after being caught outside, a couple of city buildings were hit by hail, a few police cars were dinged and several park trees were damaged.

Roofers were out early Wednesday morning doing assessments. Circles were seen on shingles marking damage spots. Metal roofs were dented and even some solar panels were damaged. 

Roofers Duke Chester-Barnes and Darren Jameson said the impacts were so hard, the damage went through singles and into the decking. Jameson noted Tuesday's event was catastrophic compared to recent hail storms.

"The last few years were around 2 inches. This one was around 4.75. That causes a lot of damage to fences, windows and areas around the house, plenty of collateral damage," said Jameson.

Video from George Lozano showed the hail pounding his yard and bouncing onto his porch. His back window was busted, but patching it had to wait.

Lozano is a utility worker and spent much of Tuesday night restoring power to other homes. He said it was a long night, but considers it a blessing. He didn’t return home to more damage.

"Yeah, unfortunately, that’s the way. We can’t control Mother Nature," said Lozano.

As repairs continue, residents with damage are asked to file a report on the state emergency management website.