Community pays its respects to Kristin McLain

First responders drove in from all across the state to show their respects for McClain.

As the procession for Kristin McClain left the funeral home in Lakeway Friday morning people stood along 620 some holding flags, others with their hands over their hearts.

Signs outside Steiner Ranch spelled out "God bless Kristin."

Instead of a hearse, McClain's ashes were transported in ambulance draped in black.

Tom Wood and Barbara Frazell watched the dozens of emergency vehicles pass by from Saint Luke's on the Lake.

"Just to support and pay our respects for a hero take into early. Everything I saw and read about her she's a pretty amazing person," said Frazell.

"We feel very sad for her and her family," said Wood.

Emergency responders from Travis, Hays, Williamson and Blanco Counties joined the procession with APD's chopper Air One flying above.

Flight nurses from Flight for Life and Air One out of Tyler drove in for the funeral.

"She was a person you got to know very well, quickly. She's very welcoming," said Bryan Winchell.

Bryan Winchell says the air medical community is small and very close.

"You see crashes periodically you hear people die you see people die periodically we deal with that every day but when it's someone you know it's a little bit different that's why we wanted to be here today," said Winchell.

Despite McClain's sudden death, Winchell says he's not hesitant to get back in the sky.

"I believe when I do this, God knows the day I'm going to die. It could be in a car accident on the way to work,which is more likely than it happening in a helicopter. So, he's chosen the day and I'm going to keep doing what he's called me to do until that day comes," said Winchell.

Three air rescue groups have taken over calls for STAR Flight. We are told the crews will be given as much time as they need to mourn.