Community raises money for APD retired officer battling ALS

Todd Myers was an Austin Police officer for 32 years, patrol, narcotics and special units. He said it was a calling.
“I could never figure out why," Myers said. "I have been in uniform all my life and I just thought the police profession was one of the most, in my heart, most honorable professions I could have as a young man serving my community and my country."
When Myers retired from the force he didn't slow down he played guitar in a band and kicked butt in karate eight months ago when he was diagnosed with ALS. The neurodegenerative disease drastically changed his life.
"I lost a lot of muscle, I'm losing my voice but I still got my good looks that's the only thing I am banking on right now,” he said as he chuckled.
Myers’s humor remains intact and his appreciation for loved ones has only grown along with his mountain of medical bills. Myers is confined to his sofa chair but cannot use his mobile chair because his home is not ADA accessible. Austin Police Association President Ken Casaday stepped in and started a GoFundMe to help raise money to help Myers remodel his home.
“You could always count on Todd for a good laugh and at the same time, he was guy you wanted in your corner when things got real. In short, Todd is a true living legend,” Casaday said.
There is still a lot to be learned about Lou Gehrig's disease, right now there is no cure. But Myers said he'll continue the fight.
"I think about people all the time, the great fun I had in this profession and in this life,” Myers said. "So I'm going to continue to fight and live on until the lord calls me."