Confusion. Mistakes. Missed Deadline equal Thousands of Limited & Provisional Ballots in TravCo.

Staff members at the Travis County elections division spent Monday processing provisional ballots that were cast during early voting.

Its estimated more than 2,000 Provisional Ballots were made. County Registrar Bruce Elfant says each one has to be reviewed for mistakes like a misspelled from a hand written form or the date of the day being entered in the birth date section.

"So we are seeing a lot of errors that we are having to work through and resolve,” said Elfant. 

For the missed deadline voter registration forms there is no election day fix. It’s because they're posted marked after a critical October 9th deadline.

"And unfortunately many people put it in mail boxes late on October 9th and didn't get picked up until the next day and it didn't get post marked until the next day,” said Elfant. 

Its estimated the missed deadline may affect about three thousand people in Travis County. If they show at the polls Tuesday, believing they're registered, they will not be able to vote.

“If Texas would join the 40 other states that have on line voter registration a lot of these issues that we have been having to deal with would be mitigated," said Elfant. 

A stack of boxes in a hallway is an example of how big of a year it’s been. They’re registration forms collected and processed between the months of May and October. They're now heading off to storage.

Monday, electronic voting machines were heading out to polling places across Travis County. While crews were getting ready for Tuesday, Chlesie Anguiano said she was prepared.

"Yes I am confident, just a few weeks ago I came inside the ACC Highland Campus and they had tables set up to register to vote, so I stopped by one of the table to make sure to confirm I was registered, and the lady did help me and she was like, yeah you are all set. So I am confident that I am registered to vote for this election,” said Anguiano. 

During early voting almost a thousand people didn't check. 992 people, in Travis County had to cast what’s called a limited ballot.

They had moved to the Austin area but remained registered in another county. Limited voting allows ballots to be cast only in statewide races. But that won’t be an option on Tuesday limited ballots will not be allowed.