Dashcam video captures moment truck hits man, woman in crosswalk

Dashcam video captured the moment a truck plowed through a crosswalk, hitting a man and woman in downtown Austin Sunday night. 

The crash occurred around 1 a.m. at the intersection of 7th and Trinity streets. 

The video shows a man and a woman who both appear to ignore a ‘do not cross' sign. The pair scurry across the crosswalk. At the same time the driver of a pickup on the other side of the street has a green light and drives forward, hitting the man and woman. 

The incident was captured by Luis Lopez' dashcam. Lopez is a rideshare driver who was waiting to pick up a passenger. 

"The first thing [I thought] is ‘it is the person I'm waiting for? So, I tried to figure it out. And as soon as the person I'm waiting for comes, because she is a nurse." said Lopez. 

The nurse, Lopez' passenger, rushed to help the wounded man and woman. 

"She told me the person was unconscious not responding, a minute later, the police came out." he said. 

Police said a formal police report has not been filed yet but notes indicate the man and woman may have walked out in front of the vehicle. 

Police say right now it does not appear the driver is facing charges. He did what police say you should do and stayed on scene to render aid. 

The man and woman were transported and their condition is unknown. 

Accidents like this are not uncommon. 

In 2018 the Austin Police Department reported 74 traffic fatalities. 31 of those, or 42 percent involved pedestrians. 12 of those fatalities, or 39 percent, involved an impaired pedestrian. 26 percent of impaired pedestrians killed in traffic accidents in 2018 had been drinking and the remaining 13 percent were under the influence of drugs. 

"My dash cam catches everything, and I see scooters getting hit by cars, people, accidents, and most of the time it's somebody that doesn't pay attention to their surroundings." Lopez said.