Decomposed human remains found on Walnut Creek hike and bike trail

Monday, a cyclist discovered human remains along the Walnut Creek hike and bike trail.

Police said the body parts are in an advanced state of decomposition so they cannot determine cause of death or identify them.
Cyclist Vince Jones started off his Monday morning bike ride along the walnut creek hike and bike trail with a view to remember.

“We met at Govalle Park around 6:30 or so and got on our way just as the sun started to come up. We were just doing our normal 10 miles out and 10 miles back path on that trail,” Jones said.

It turned out the sunrise wasn't the most memorable part of the trip.

“I saw something kind of up in the distance, and we're thinking that maybe it was a dead animal from the distance, and just as we got closer, realized that there was some jeans and that there was something weird sticking out of it that looked like bones,” said Jones. 

Other cyclists rode by without noticing anything abnormal, but jones took a closer look. That's when he saw a foot inside of a sock sticking out.

“Kind of first in my head was thinking, ‘This has to be some sort of hoax,’ or, I just didn't really know what to think of it, and we kind of second guessed ourselves, but decided to call 911 just in case it was what it seemed to be with bones sticking out,” Jones said.

About 90 minutes after calling the cops, Austin police arrived on scene near Johnny Morris Road and Daffan Lane.

The medical examiner was also called out to collect the remains. Meanwhile, investigators combed through a nearby field for evidence.
Tuesday, Austin police confirmed the bones were human remains in an advanced state of decomposition.

“It’s kind of sad and just, obviously, trying to process it now,” said Jones. 

Jones said another cyclist told him he had seen what he thinks were the same jeans on another part of the trail over the weekend.

“Chances are, based on his description and the fact that it was first thing in the morning, we're guessing that it was probably some sort of animal activity dragging it from one part of the trail to another,” Jones said. 

Although Jones said his experience won't keep him from using the trail, he will be more alert.

“I guess watch out, be careful. I don't feel unsafe riding that trail just because there's so many people there at the time of day that we do it, but I guess keep an eye out,” said Jones.

Police said they are investigating this as a suspicious death unless the medical examiner rules otherwise.

Detectives and the ME are working together to determine the cause of death and identify of the remains.