Doctors say kids are carrying too much weight in backpacks

Pack it light and wear it right. Doctors say kids are carrying too much weight in their backpacks.

It's that time of year, shelves are stocked with brand spanking new school supplies, inviting parents to gear up for the first day. While the supply list for classrooms can be long, doctors at Baylor Scott & White Health are asking parents to pack light.

Dr. Brandon Solemsaas explains about 60% of children are carrying more weight on their backs then recommended. BSW recommends kids carry up to 15% of their body weight along with the right fit.

The below graph shows what is recommended depending on the weight of the child:

"It's important because we put too much weight on their back it's going to put too much strain on their neck." Solemsaas said. "It's really important that it fits at the base of the neck here and a couple of inches above the waist."

Carrying a heavy load can cause neck pain, back pain and poor posture. The back is pretty resilient but kids are still developing.

"We can have ongoing issues especially if kids are involved in band or sports," said Solemsaas. "So if you are pulled forward and have any aches or pains it can affect shoulders hips and so on."