Donald Trump's Dallas visit met with protesters, supporters

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump entertained a rowdy crowd inside Gilley's Dallas on Thursday night.

The presumptive Republican nominee told the crowd he would build a border wall, lower their taxes and wondered if he could maybe move to the south, since the region was so supportive of his presidential bid.

“I'm going to save your second amendment, folks. I'm going to save your second amendment totally,” Trump said as the crowd cheered. “And Hillary wants to abolish the second amendment, remember that. More sophisticated than that, but just remember the end result will be she will abolish the second amendment.”

Trump also spoke about how he is going to win the Hispanic vote and reassured the crowd he would build a wall along the Mexico border that would be fully paid by Mexico.

“We've going to win the Latinos, because I'm going to bring jobs back,” the presumptive Republican nominee told the crowd. “I'm going to bring jobs back, you watch. We're going to win with the Latinos!"

An audio announcement was made before Trump took the stage that warned any anti-Trump people who may be in the crowd that an outburst would not be tolerated. However, it appeared the announcement did not make a difference.

Trump’s speech was interrupted a handful of times by protestors who were quickly thrown out. Supporters were told to yell Trumps name to drown out their protest. Trump says he told police not to arrest any protestors.

A Muslim Marine veteran was one of the protestors who was kicked out of the rally.

“I'm part of a group of veterans that are organizing to address the bigotry and racism and intolerance that Donald Trump, as a candidate for president of the United States that we don't appreciate and we don’t approve of,” said Ramon Mejia. “As veterans, we believe that it’s our duty to defend the constitutional rights of all citizens.

Contrary to Trump’s claim that there were 4,500 people in attendance, a police officer on scene said the crowd estimate was closer to 2,500.

Protestors braved the heat outside Gilley’s for several hours before and during the rally. At times, things between Trump supporters and demonstrators did get heated. Early on, two demonstrators got into a fight that was quickly split up.

During Trump's speech, demonstrators marched along Lamar Street that stayed mostly peaceful.

Once the speech was over, tempers flared up again. Dallas police say they arrested one person and several were pulled out of the crowd for their safety.

There were several calls by protestors to for people to register to vote.

“All this is meaningless if we don't continue to register to vote,” Rene Martinez with LULAC told a large crowd. “It's up to you, young people to keep the energy going. Get your aunts and uncles, grandparents, your family to go out and vote in November.”

Trump's plane arrived at Dallas Love Field shortly after 2:30 p.m. He gave media a thumbs-up sign as his motorcade drove past, heading to a Dallas hotel with his entourage.

Then Trump attended a private fundraiser at The Highland, a hotel on the southeast corner of Central Expressway and Mockingbird. Protesters were in front of the hotel, but there were no problems.

People at the fundraiser could pay $15,000 for a photo with Trump.

One man who attended told FOX4 the GOP needed to get on the same page.

"You know, Republicans, we gotta unite,” said Carl Allen, who attended the fundraiser. “There’s a lot of differences in the party.”

The chairman of the Republican National Committee, Reince Priebus, also attended the fundraiser.