DPS still looking for suspect in Pflugerville fatal hit-and-run

The Texas Department of Public Safety is still looking for a suspect to fled a fatal hit-and-run crash in Pflugerville two weeks ago. 

The incident killed 20-year-old Alyssa Gonzalez, and now her family is pleading for justice.

"She was always smiling. She just had the biggest heart. She always wanted to help somebody," said Pamela Zamora, Alyssa’s mom.

For Pamela and Emilio Zamora, their daughter Alyssa Gonzalez was their world. "She was just our everything. She was, we just felt like, taken from us so soon," said Pamela.


Alyssa’s family loved her, but so did her friends. Her parents say all her friends have embraced them like families.

Alyssa was the victim of a deadly hit-and-run on May 28th. DPS says around 3:30 in the morning an unidentified vehicle struck Alyssa and fled the scene. She was later pronounced dead on the scene.

"A lot of anger and hate and everything in between. Just a lot of what if‘s, could’ve, would’ve, but I can’t change it. I can’t help her at all," said Pamela.

The family says the accident happened so suddenly that many people close to her didn’t want to believe it including her best friend Judy Nguyen. "I texted her. I was like ‘ha ha this is funny text me when this is all over so I know that you’re alive’ and I guess a couple of hours passed and then she just never called me."

It was true, and DPS is still looking for who killed Alyssa.

"Just give us answers like why didn’t you stop? I mean you could’ve stopped. You could’ve called. Just do the right thing," said Pamela.


Alyssa's friends have embraced her family which they appreciate greatly. The family says they will never let Alyssa's memory fade. "She is going to be our angel from here on out. I did tell my boys that our family is going to be a little different, but we’re still a family of five and she will never be forgotten," said Pamela.

If you have any information about this case, call DPS at 512-997-4106.

The family also has a GoFundMe. To donate, click here