East Austin family keeps waking up to shattered windows

Stephanie Stowell and her husband are trying to figure who continues to smash their windows.

“It's an absolutely terrifying feeling when it happens,” said Stowell.

Stephanie says it all started back in March 2017 when someone unexpectedly shattered her upstairs window.

“It didn't happen again until this one happened on the May 7, at 2:30 in the morning, same exact time. Last night, again same day of the week, one week later,” said Stowell.

Stephanie and her husband believe the person is likely throwing rocks but the rocks don't fully penetrate their tempered glass.

“We have two other neighbors on Navasota that are part of the same 12 Waller project of homes that had the exact same incident. Their large bedroom, second story windows were broken out same time span in the middle of the night,” said Stowell. One of those homeowners also told the police about the incident.

Stephanie, who works in real estate, can't help but to think that she and her neighbors could be possible targets.

“These ten houses on 12 Waller were land we bought from the city that had been vacant since the ‘80's. We didn't displace anybody by building here. I think that it's an area of change and some people are unhappy about the change,” said Stowell.

Austin police have opened an investigation but for the Stowells, they just hope someone in the public knows something and can come forward, before the next strike.

“This isn't a way to communicate anger or frustration,” said Stowell.