Family of Williamson County murder victim fighting for bond reform in Texas

“She’s just full of love and light. Always willing to help anyone.” said Moriah Brocar, of her daughter Stormie Callison. 

Those who knew Stormie say her 21 years of life were filled with joy. 

“[She was the] type of person that would just take the shirt off her back. Kind of light up a room. Lovely personality, she loved everybody.” said her father, Brian Callison. 

Callison’s parents say she was a military brat, who lived glitter and pink. Thursday, flanked by relatives and friends, they wore that same color to the Williamson County Courthouse — as they faced Archie Rogers, the man who has confessed to killing Stormie. Rogers was in court working to have his bond lowered. 

“To know that somebody could kill somebody, confess to it, and then be free for a year or two, while waiting trial is, it’s crazy to me.” said Brian Callison. 

Court documents show that in January 2019, Callison and Rogers met on an adult website. The two met at Rogers’ home in Bartlett, Texas. Rogers told a detective the two had a dispute over money, and that he “freaked out,” fatally shooting Callison in the leg and head. 

Months later, Rogers wants his $500,000 bond reduced. 

“The day that I found out that it could possibly be lowered I felt… shock disbelief and then it turned to, this isn’t right. No citizen in the State of Texas should feel this ever — should ever go through this.” Brocar said. 

Now, she wants to ensure no other families do experience what her family is going through. She is pushing for “Stormie’s law.” 

“If you’ve taken a life and you’ve confessed to it, you no longer have that right to walk free among us.” she said. 

Brocar is circulating a petition that over 2,600 people have signed. She says she knows it is unlikely the law will make much progress this year — but she’s in it for the long haul. 

“I don’t want our daughters death to be in vain.  And if we can save law abiding citizens of the State of Texas from having to experience what we’re experiencing firsthand, even just one, it’s worth it to me.”