Father surprises fourth-grader during school Veterans Day parade

A fourth-grader in Texas got a heartwarming surprise today. 

Gus Mueller was watching the Veterans Day parade at Wilderness Oak Elementary School in San Antonio when he was surprised by his dad. LTC Scott Mueller flew in from Virginia to walk in the parade and surprised Gus as he cheered the veterans on.

They had not seen each other in four months.

The Northeast Independent School District shared a video on Instagram of Gus Mueller’s reaction when he realizes his father is walking toward him as part of the school Veterans Day parade. The school district said Gus always wanted his dad to attend the parade, but Scott's commitment to serving in the U.S. Army prevented that – until today.

"Gus has always asked me to come to this, so it was extra special to surprise him on Veterans Day," said LTC Mueller. "We locked eyes in the hall, and I just couldn't believe how big he's gotten in just a few months. I can't wait to spend some time with him."

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