Favor Delivery driver caught on camera stealing from Terry Black's Barbecue

Caught on camera: a delivery driver for the Favor app was seen stealing a tip jar from Terry Black's Barbecue. The owner tells us all he wants is for his hard-working employees to get their money back.

A pick-up for delivery turns into a pick-up of a tip jar, which clearly doesn't belong to him.

"I get upset. If someone steals from us, like a product or something, that's one thing. But, to take from them... I've got some of the best employees in the business. They all work hard. To steal from them, and another person in the service industry, it's just unfortunate. Disappointing," said Mark Black, owner, Terry Black's Barbecue.

Owner Mark Black says this happened around 6:00 p.m. Monday. Surveillance cameras were rolling, where video shows a man opening up his delivery bag. After looking around for a few seconds, he grabs the tip jar. Then, he closes the bag back up.

"It was smooth by the way he did it but its 2017, there are cameras everywhere. So he was going to get caught, wasn't very smart," said Black.

Shortly after, Terry Black's Barbecue posted a clip of the video to Twitter saying:
"Help us find the @favor driver that stole our extremely hard working employees tip money!!!"

We're told the tip jar could have had anywhere from $60 to $200. Black just wants things made right for his employees.

"I mean, if the kid came down and he said, 'Here's some money'...gave us $500, gave the girls some roses, gave the guys some beers and says 'I apologize,' that would be fine with me. But, it's not looking like it's going to work like that," said Black.
He did contact Favor Delivery. While FOX 7 was there Tuesday afternoon, a member of Favor management came in. The owner was told some corporate reps will be having lunch there on Wednesday.

"I mean they were shocked. It's not a reflection on Favor, it's just one bad driver. So I don't blame Favor for it but we figured out who it was. We matched up his credit card with the time he came in and the footage and all that," said Black.

Moving forward, they'll be securing their tip jars to make sure this doesn't happen again.

Favor Delivery sent FOX 7 a statement saying:

"The Runner's actions were completely unacceptable and do not reflect the values of Favor or the Runner community. While Runners operate at their own will, as independent contractors, we have zero tolerance for theft and immediately deactivated this particular Runner from our platform.

We are actively working with APD to fully support their investigation and Terry Black's to do everything we can to make right by their staff."