Flood waters Sweep into La Grange

A strong current of water from the Colorado River rushed down Water Street in La Grange Monday morning. It poured through the auto supply business managed by Randy Neumann.

He thought the store would only get a few inches of water, not 3 to 4 feet of water. Despite the pending loss he wasn't worried about his situation.

"I feel sorry for all the other people I know that we are covered under insurance but there are a bunch of friends and family that didn't have insurance that are all on this block and I never expected it so they didn't get it,” said Neumann.

A few blocks away Shannon Ready watched a Texas Flag surrounded by water but still standing tall in front of his parents’ home. According to his father the river started creeping closer to the neighborhood just before daybreak.

"When they called me this morning once I got here about 7 o'clock they didn't have any water in the house and within an hour they already had 4 inches of water in the house. So what do you do now? Well we'll just have to start over again,” answered Ready.

A helicopter from APD took city and county officials on a damage assessment flight.  Early estimates indicate, at a minimum 500 homes were submerged countywide by flood waters, most located near the Colorado River. A hair salon in La Grange where Crystal Richter worked was one of the first to be taken.

"I just want to cry for all my friends that live over down there the streets here a few of my clients lost everything they have and I'm just in shock I can't even believe it. Can you afford being out of work?  Not really fortunately Jessica Davis owns Studio 76 on the bluff she was nice enough to take me in so I'll be starting over there,” said Richter.

Before Harvey moved in we were in La Grange on Thursday at that time the Town Square was high and dry. SkyFOX Drone flew over the Fayette County courthouse Thursday afternoon. It was another typical hot August day on the town square.  Monday the square was filled with people, thankfully not water, but it got close. The surge from the river was about a block away from the west side of the square. The sight left many simply stunned while others embraced and cried.