Fort Worth PD gives out turkeys instead of traffic tickets

Several Fort Worth residents who were pulled over for minor traffic stops received a Thanksgiving turkey instead of a ticket.

Fort Worth police officers were out on Wednesday to surprise people being pulled over for minor traffic violations with the kind gesture.

Jacoby Williams was pulled over for not having a front license plate. When an officer gave him the holiday bird instead of a ticket, he was shocked and very pleased.

“Not really sure all my wife has planned. We may fry it. May give it away,” Williams said. “It's a good, very cool thing that they're doing."

The frozen turkeys were donated to the Fort Worth Police Department. But instead of keeping them, officers used them to spread good will by turning what's usually a moment of dread into a happy surprise.

Sherman Pitt forgot his seatbelt since he was going a short distance and was pulled over. He’s also the pastor of the Kingdom Tabernacle Deliverance Center. His church is collecting clothing and food to help others during the holidays.

"That's a blessing,” he said. “We're giving these away, so that works."

Fort Worth officer gave away about 25 turkeys in several areas of the city. Officers say it's their way of showing people they serve the community in many different ways.