Four ways to have fun outside, even if it's below freezing

Sick of seeing your own breath? Can’t stand to build another snowman? Here are some ways to have fun outdoors, even if it’s freezing:

  • You can throw hot water and watch it freeze! Just make sure to have an adult handle any hot water.
  • Or why not blow soap bubbles with bubble liquid and watch them freeze… right in mid-air!
  • You can chill maple syrup on a bed of freshly fallen snow to make delicious maple syrup taffy! Just make sure your snow is really clean first!
  • One man in Minnesota got tired of waiting for it to get warm enough to make sand castles, so he made ice castles instead using the same buckets you’d use for a sand castle.

If you have other fun ideas about ways to make freezing temperatures fun, we’d love to hear them! Just because it’s cold, it doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors… but you do need to bundle up before you go outside.