FOX 7 Discussion: DOJ reportedly going after affirmative action programs

News that the Justice Department is reshuffling resources in its civil rights division to go after colleges' affirmative action policies ignited a firestorm Wednesday – with civil rights groups and Obama education officials quickly condemning the move, though it's unclear what exactly the DOJ is planning.

Late Tuesday, The New York Times obtained an internal DOJ job announcement that sought lawyers interested in a project on “investigations and possible litigation related to intentional race-based discrimination in college and university admissions.”

While the notice doesn’t come right out and say which races and ethnicities are considered by the Trump administration as “at risk” for discrimination, the reported implication was that Jeff Sessions’ DOJ could go after affirmative action policies.

Those programs are meant to diversify campuses but the Times reported that the new effort could be used to sue universities over admissions that allegedly go too far and discriminate against white and Asian applicants. 

Here to discuss the investigation and use of resources with us further is Travis County chairman Matt Mackowiak and Ed Espinoza from Progress Texas.