Giddings High School baseball team receives large donation following field house fire

The Giddings High School field house still stands after a fire destroyed nearly all of the baseball team's belongings. It's a constant reminder of what was lost and in return what the team has gained.

The cause of the fire was an electrical short in the air conditioning unit. Some boys lost their lucky glove while others had to find new cleats.

At the time, the team needed to get their head in the game and prepare for their big district match.

Head Coach Adam Bloodworth said it didn't matter if the boys wore mismatched jerseys they were going to give it their all.

Then donations came rolling in, from rival teams and the baseball community.

On Wednesday, the boys traded in their gloves for shopping carts at the Academy Sports and Outdoors. The sports good store gave the team $2,500 to spend on new gear and $1,000 to the Giddings Fire Department.

Coach Bloodworth said they plan to use the money to buy the boys new backpacks. He said more than anything he learned regardless of what the team loss the boys have each other and the love of the game.

"No matter what happens or what you loss it's all replaceable and just be thankful that the kids and everybody was safe," Bloodworth said.

The Buffaloes will play next Friday at Caldwell.



Giddings community rallies behind baseball team after fire destroys athlete's field house