Girlfriend of man killed in southeast Austin seeking answers

The Austin Police Department is still investigating a deadly shooting that happened back on July 20.

33-year old Justin Pryor was shot to death in a southeast Austin neighborhood and those close to him are speaking out and demanding answers

"I just really loved him and I want to know what happened and what was he doing.I don't know." 27-year-old Angelina Martinez says every minute, she's thinking of her boyfriend of six years.

Tuesday afternoon, Martinez's family was there to comfort her and her children and even gave her a gift to remind Martinez, Pryor will never be forgotten. It's a necklace for his ashes to keep him as close as I can now that he's gone.

APD says Pryor was shot and killed during the early morning hours of Saturday July 20th on Turnstone Drive, in the Dove Springs area. They also say he was struck at least three times.

"I was home when I got a phone call from someone who had his phone. They told me to get to where he was as soon as possible and something was wrong with him. I didn't want to believe that he wasn't breathing. I wanted to get him, I wanted to pick him up, I didn't want to believe it.," Martinez says.

FOX 7 Austin reached out to APD after seeing reports saying Pryor died after he and a group of friends allegedly attempted to rob a drug dealer when they arrived.

Martinez says she knows he was with two people that he has spent time with before the 20th.

"I don't want people just thinking he was robbing somebody and died and talk about him they way they have on social media," Martinez adds. "No one knows the real story except him and the people that were there. Who haven't said anything. So nobody knows what truly happened."

Martinez says she's talked to almost every person on Turnstone Drive, it's strange no one heard gunshots. She says a ring camera caught a dark colored vehicle fleeing the scene but that's all she's being told right now.

"This is why I'm mad. The people he was with don't want to speak up and it makes me thinking possibly they have something to do with it," Martinez adds.

Martinez says they share a son together named Kaison. Pryor also has two other children. Martinez says for the sake of Pryor's kids; she's hoping for closure. Begging anyone with any information to say something.

"I want the friends who were with him to set the record straight. Give us the story. Even if you don't want to go to authorities call me one of his family members or one of his true friends and we'll inform the cops if you're scared," Martinez says.