Governor Rick Perry reflects on his legacy

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In less than two weeks, Greg Abbott will be sworn into office as governor of Texas. He takes over for Rick Perry- who is the longest serving governor in state history. Wednesday afternoon Governor Perry sat down with FOX7's Rudy Koski to talk about his legacy and how he is preparing for another possible run for the White House.

Governor Perry launched his political career as a young statehouse democrat from northwest Texas. Now a staunch Republican, Perry is walking away from the top political job in the state. He is confident in his legacy but there is still uncertainty about if his political future will continue on the national stage. Perry said he will start thinking about his plans after Governor Elect Greg Abbott is Inaugurated January 20th, and may announce his decision on a Run for the White House in May.

Wednesday afternoon, Governor Perry was in the state House Chamber to swear in Sid Miller who is the new Texas Commissioner of Agriculture. The position is the first statewide office Perry held in his early political career. He told those at the ceremony that Agriculture is "at the very Soul" of Texas and should be protected.

Governor Perry is wrapping up his last few days in office by attending Swearing In Ceremonies and by talking to reporters. As with all his interviews, Perry has said he is proud of pushing through a conservative agenda during his three 3 terms as Governor. He considers the passage of Tort Reform legislation may have the most lasting impact of his tenure, but is also proud of laws restricting abortion and efforts to reduce the size of state government.

"There's just not one policy that the state only sits upon, it's all collectively. And collectively what they've done has created the most dynamic economy in the country. 5.6 million people added to the roll and since I've been governor we've had almost 2 million jobs created."

A few weeks from now, a portrait of Rick Perry will join other Governors of Texas which are displayed in the Capitol Rotunda. When a parent points to his portrait- he hopes their child will hear words of praise.

"They'll say, Mary this guy helped create the most dynamic economy in the world and you have a better future today because of what they did here in this building."

While the Governor is pondering his political future, he says First Lady Anita Perry is managing the construction of their new home in Round Top.

On January 15TH, he will make one last address to a Joint Session of the state Legislature.