Guadalupe River primed for another storm surge

The water pouring out of the Canyon Lake Spillway Wednesday splashed  down into the Guadalupe River. It was an impressive sight even for long time lake residents like Ken Grigsby.

"I was here when it went over the spillway that was pretty impressive but this is a pretty good one it looks like it's full flow right."

Video recorded Tuesday is a reminder of how quickly things can change along the Guadelupe.  The owner of a Jeep parked near Jerry's Rentals on River Rd, according to witnesses, and went to check on his campsite. A wall of water, moments later, rushed out of Isaac creek and forced the Jeep into the river. The canvas top of vehicle created an air bubble allowing it  to briefly pop back up. The Jeep was last seen floating downstream and may have sunk after going over the Waco waterfalls.

The video recorded by Kim Jacob, went viral Wednesday,  but the incident comes as no surprise for river guide Cody Preiss.

"I've seen houses , tents, RVs floating down the river, it happen so quick you hate for people to lose those things but if you're not smart about it and you don't know what to expect,  try to stay away from the area if you don't know what's going on and listen to the locals."

Clean up of the damage caused by the swollen Guadelupe River started early Wednesday. County crews removed broken trees and patched washouts along river road

The current was moving too fast for tubing but river rafting excursions were being done. Typically  they take about three hours but, a manager at Rickin' R River Rides told FOX7 the flow rate is making it more like a 45 minute trip.

Despite the destructive nature of a raging river,  the memory of the recent drought hasn't  faded. Its why The site of a full Canyon Lake is a welcome one for Cheryl Innocenti.

"it's kind of the rain for some blessing and a curse I hate to see people getting hurt and everything but it is a blessing because we need the rain and we need the lake full."

Water levels are expected to rise with more rain in the forecast. That will also increase The potential for more incidents like this one involving the Jeep. The owner is from Houston, according to friends who spoke to FOX 7. He works in the New Braunfels area during the week and typically camps out along the river. Attempts to contact him for not successful.