Hays Co. Sheriff's Office still looking for Dripping Springs burglary suspect

Home surveillance video caught an intruder peeking into windows in the Ledgestone subdivision off 290 in Dripping Springs Friday night. And it happened around 8 in the evening...hours when people are usually home. Something Hays County Sheriff Gary Cutler says is unusual.

"A burglar, a lot of times of a residence, just works 8 to 5...when you're at work. They don't go to 7, 9 at night," Cutler said.

The suspect tried to break into around 4 homes in the neighborhood Friday night. A burglar alarm scared him off at one house.

This weekend we told you what happened at Adam Beckman's house on Stone View Trail. He says he came home around 8:30 Friday night and found an intruder in his house. He believes he came in through the window.

"I saw a light kind of outside my door. And then I saw him go into my room and close the door. Instantly right then I knew I was being robbed," Beckman said.

Beckman says the only thing he took is a gold chain belonging to his cousin.

When he saw the man go into his bedroom, he followed.

"Jumped out the window after him. It was me and him in the backyard, it was super dark. He has a flashlight on his phone and he's pointing it at me so I can't see him and I could only see the light. That's when he was like 'yo back up I got a gun.' So I wasn't about to test him," Beckman said.

In a press conference in San Marcos Monday afternoon, Sheriff Cutler says the Ledgestone neighborhood is usually free of crime.

"It's a gated community. And so it's quite disturbing this has happened out there. We did a canvas of the entire neighborhood Saturday," Cutler said.

Cutler says they're still patrolling the area and several detectives are assigned to the case. He says he doesn't want the public to be alarmed because they're not aware of any other incidents like this in that area.

"We live in a hi-tech country now and so this video equipment that's on businesses, on residences...it's great for law enforcement. We value that. We encourage people to have alarms and we encourage people to use this type of sophisticated alarm system with videos," Cutler said.

The Sheriff says a controlled substance was found in the neighborhood this weekend. But they're not sure if it's related.

The Hays County Sheriff's Office is encouraging people to give them call if they have any idea who the man in the video is.