‘He went nuts': Video shows baby dancing in utero to Sir Mix-a-Lot's ‘Baby Got Back'

Who doesn’t love a little Sir Mix-a-Lot? This future dancing machine currently inside his mother’s belly sure does.

Danielle Sapienza, a New York City-based lifestyle photographer, is currently pregnant with her second child. In a video posted to Sapienza’s Instagram account, her little one appears to kick and move around to the sound of the iconic 1992 hip hop song “Baby Got Back.”

“Apparently, baby got back,” she captioned her post. “What else ya gonna play to your unborn child?! He’s digging it!”

Sapienza, who is 34 weeks pregnant, said her family is often grooving to music at home and tries to celebrate “the chaos of parenthood.”

“We ALWAYS have jams on, especially 90s hip hop as it always brings back good memories,” she explained. “We thought it was fitting since he’s always pushing his butt against my stomach to play ‘Baby Got Back.’”

“When the beat dropped, he went nuts,” Sapienza added.

This story was reported from Cincinnati.