Heavy rainfall allows for rare tours at one Central Texas tourist attraction

All the rain has added a special sparkle to one popular Central Texas tourist attraction and it’s something you won't see too often.

With the massive amount of rain we've been receiving, it's provided for a pretty rare experience at the Natural Bridge Caverns. Water has risen up and submersed the lower sections of the cavern, allowing for people to take special tours to see the aquifer inside the caverns.

The Glen Rose Aquifer is the local underground water reservoir, and lies beneath the caverns. Normally, the water table isn't high enough to be seen. But this year the rainfall has allowed large amounts of water to seep downwards through the limestone layers of rock, causing the aquifer to rise. Travis Wuest is the Vice-President for Natural Bridge Cavern “The water comes up very slowly, and it goes down very slowly, it doesn't pose any threat to the cave system or to the public,” he said.

The water disappears back below the caverns, but there's no way to figure out how long it will stick around
“My prediction would be, if we don't get any more heavy rains, it will probably be around for about maybe a few weeks at most.” Wuest said they also cannot predict how often it happens. “It may happen once a year, it may happen a couple times a year, it may be three years before it happens again,” he said.

To go on a tour at Natural Bridge Caverns, click here