Hillary Clinton and Helen Keller to be removed from Texas history curriculum

Figures like Hillary Clinton and Helen Keller may soon be removed from history lessons in Texas.

The Texas Board of Education voted to streamline the curriculum for social studies. The process will remove some of the content taught and not tested in Texas classrooms.

District 1 board member Georgina Perez said it was a push by legislators and a process Texas education needed. She said the amount of content taught by teachers can be overwhelming for both teachers and students.

Perez believes more content should be cut from curriculum to help students meet standards.

“Definitely didn’t cut enough and I said it several times in the meeting this is an injustice its absolutely a disservice to our teachers and to our students because we are putting upon them very high expectations that reasonable humans cannot meet," Perez said.

The board voted on an approval of a first reading Friday.

She said they decided to cut Clinton and Keller from the curriculum because they are not on student tests. "Simply because they're names are not on a list of standards is absolutely not an indication that teacher will not teach about Helen Keller and all the good work did or Hillary Clinton and everything that she accomplished that's absolutely not the case the standards are the are minimum the base standards of what have to be taught," said Perez.

The final vote will come in November.