Hillary Clinton raises campaign funds in Austin

Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton made a brief stop in Austin Friday.
She spent the afternoon at several events in Texas, raising thousands of dollars for her campaign.

Tickets for the event cost between $500- 2700.
“Anything for the democratic party and Hillary,” said Fundraiser attendee Peter Erdel.

The two-hour reception was hosted by Mayor Steve Adler and Diane Land.
There were also performances by Ben Kweller, Kelly Willis and Bruce Robinson. 

It was a packed house inside the W Hotel where Austinites got their chance to hear from the democratic presidential candidate.

“It was a phenomenal event. She was really generous with her time and really got the crowd going,” Erdel said. 

Attendees said Clinton spoke about education, immigration and her support for fellow Democratic Candidate Bernie Sanders.

“I think that her background, experience, skill sets just bring a lot more depth to the Presidency than Bernie at this point,” said Erdel.  

She also spoke against Donald Trump saying he is creating a dangerous environment with his rhetoric.

During the event, about a dozen protestors entered the hotel to ask Hillary to address immigration issues in Texas.

“We were in the lobby singing and it was really beautiful, but the hotel staff asked us to leave, so we did,” said Grassroots Leadership Immigration Programs Director Cristina Parker. 

Members of Grassroots Leadership in Austin say Hillary did share her feelings on the detention of immigrants.

“This is really building on something that happened in Philadelphia. A woman, a colleague of ours, interrupted a town hall where Hillary Clinton was speaking and asked her to address the issue of family detention and women who were being locked up there and she said she was against it,” Parker said. 

Now they want her to take it one step further.

“What we're here doing is inviting her to come down and speak with us and hear what our vision would be for how she can do more,” said Parker. 

Austin was one of three stops Clinton made in Texas. She also appeared in Dallas and Houston.

Clinton has a significant lead over challenger Bernie Sanders. According to the Associated Press, she is currently just 90 delegates short of the democratic nomination.