Houston wildlife center warns against glue traps after bird gets stuck: 'A needless loss'

Photo courtesy Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition

A Houston wildlife center is warning the public against using glue traps that are typically used to catch rodents but can trap other small animals and birds.

The Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition shared their warning with a video of a bird that was brought in stuck to a glue trap.

TWRC says it was a very slow process, but they were able to remove the bird from the glue trap. However, the stress of the ordeal took his life.

“Glue traps or glue boards are used to catch flying insects when hung up and rodents when placed on the ground. Sadly, innocent, harmless animals and birds become victim to these horrible traps,” they wrote on Facebook.

TWRC says even if you are trying to get rid of unwanted rats or mice “it’s a slow, painful death as the animal struggles to free itself. NO animal should have to endure this.”

They say if you hire a professional exterminator, you should check to make sure they don’t use the glue traps.