How long should you wait to get pregnancy help?

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Your friends and coworkers are getting pregnant, but it is not happening for you. When is it time to see your doctor?

Piedmont Newnan Physicians' OB/GYN Dr. Tia Guster said if you have been trying to conceive for a year, you might need some help.

“For my patients who are considered advanced maternal age, which is 35 or older, then I usually cut that down to less time,” Dr. Guster said. “I'm not quite so strict because your time to have successful pregnancies is getting quite limited at that point because our big time to have our ovarian reserve drop is about 30 to 35, or 40 to 45.”

Guster said if you are 35 or over and have been trying to conceive for six to eight months, have a conversation with your doctor.

Dr. Guster said it can take anywhere from a few months, to a couple of years, for a couple to get pregnant.

“A lot of times, infertility, the reason is unknown," Guster said. “So you don't have anything to point to. But the journey to get there can take 4 to 6 weeks just doing basic groundwork to see what kind of medical issues you have going on, and what your cycles is, collecting information to your partner."

Sometimes, Guster said, the problem is low-tech.

'It's timing," she said. "People are busy. So, making egg and sperm at the same place at the same time, we need to get that down."

If you need assistance, you have more options than ever.

And Guster recommends finding an infertility support group to help guide you through the process.

"Because a lot of times, you feel really isolated," Guster said. "And it's not really fun to watch all your friends live the destiny you want. But if you're around people who are going through your similar type of challenge, but they're hopeful about it, they can be really supportive to you."

Finally, Guster said, try not to get discouraged.

"Keep heart that it's gonna get better," she said.  "And you're not alone.

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