Husband of San Marcos officer hit by car speaks out

The husband of the San Marcos officer stuck by an alleged drunk driver is speaking out. Officer Claudia Cormier was hit while clearing debris debris on 35 back in May.

Thursday, a benefit was held at the Hays County BBQ in San Marcos to help cover medical expenses. Officer Claudia Cormier’s husband was there to thank everyone. He says his wife continues to fight and push forward as she wants to get back to work.

“Seeing her strength and knowing she is going to be back, she’s not just saying that she really means it, gives me the strength to be strong for her,” said Jayson Cormier.

Not only is Cormier Claudia Cormier’s husband, he’s also on the force with her and was one of the first officers to arrive when she was struck by an alleged drunk driver in May. “Nightmare doesn’t even cover it. It’s something that she and I have talked about, we knew that we are in a dangerous profession, we knew things like that could happen but when it really happened it was devastating,” said Cormier.

Officer Cormier was just doing her job, she called out to clear debris along 35 before 58-year-old Neil Sheehan hit her. Cormier needed emergency surgery and her right leg was amputated at the scene. She’s been recovering ever since. “I’ve really lost count probably about 15 to 20 surgeries right now but she is fighting through everyone of them,” said her husband.

A crowd of people showed up Thursday to the Hays County BBQ where a benefit was help for Officer Cormier, her husband says he can’t thank everyone enough.

“We appreciate everything the communities done we really do it’s been amazing,” said Cormier. He said while Claudia still isn’t able to get out of bed she is working hard during recovery as she wants to get back to work. “She’s the life of our department, she’s amazing and after going through this once she gets back, she’s going to be a living legend there,” said Cormier. As for the man who hit her, they have both forgiven him and will let the courts decide what’s next.

Jayson Cormier said it will probably be a year to two years before his wife is back on the force.

Their friends and family plan to host more benefits in the near future.



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