Hutto PD honors fallen police officer Chris Kelley

The Hutto community honored fallen police Sgt. Chris Kelley Saturday morning with the first, of what they hope to be many more, memorial runs.

More than 300 people from in and around Hutto spent their Saturday honoring the memory of former Hutto Police Sgt. Chris Kelley.

"Just to see the amount of people to come out here for our first ever memorial 5K, it was just very rewarding to see that. makes you feel proud to be part of this community.

The 5K coincides with the one year anniversary of Kelley's death. A loss that was felt beyond the Hutto Police Department.

"You know we do have a very small community. very family oriented and the police department is very small. We have 30 sworn officers and its like losing a true member of the family."

Hutto Police Chief Earl Morrison said although Kelley is no longer here, his memory still lives on and it was evident by how many people came out to honor him.

"It's special because it shows the support that we have from the community. It also tells the Hutto Police Department and the Kelley family that the people here in Hutto and the surrounding areas really care about them and care about Chris."

A support that Chief Morrison hopes will lift the spirits of the Kelley family and serve as a reminder that they are not and will not be alone.

"It's comforting for the family. They can gain strength from our support, from our prayers, and I think for them to see that and see the community pour into them and just show there love for them. Prior to Chris' death maybe they didn't interact as much with even the officers or the community but now just for them to know that we are family and that we are going to take care of them."

Proceeds raised at the memorial will be given to a number of organizations including the Hutto Police Officer Association.