Jordan Armed Forces release statement on Granger helicopter crash

A Jordanian army fighter pilot is confirmed to be one of two people killed in Tuesday’s helicopter crash in Granger. The Jordan armed forces said he was in Texas for training.

DPS confirming the other victim is 58-year-old American pilot Michael Hawley.

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Agencies like the National Transportation Safety Board were back out Tuesday to continue their investigation as well as pick up debris left behind from the crash.

The Jordanian army released a statement on the incident.

It roughly translates to:

First lieutenant Ahmed Ali Mohammed Khalif Al-Khawaldeh was killed in a helicopter accident. He was in Texas for training. A joint investigative body from the Jordanian and American sides were formed to find out the cause of the accident. Their condolences go out to the family and colleagues of both victims.

According to the FAA, the helicopter crashed 30 minutes after leaving the Georgetown airport. Initial findings say the helicopter hit a power line in Granger which brought it down.

The aircraft was destroyed by the fire. The NTSB is leading the investigation at this time.